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I've been obsessed with horses and flute for as long as I can remember. I started out college as a flute performance major, but ended up doing a complete 180 and am now an equine science major. When it comes to riding, I've done a little of everything, and I'm always open to trying new things. I'll admit, I'm on LJ mostly for the slash communities, but I'm finding it has a lot of other uses too. ;) I don't write fanfiction (unless I'm really bored or really motivated, both of which are highly unlikely), but I do read a lot, even though you may not hear from me (I'm a habitual lurker). I'm a big spinner (the wool, not the exercise bikes) and I'm especially fond of spinning my own sock yarn (a person can never have too many socks!). Despite my status as a habitual luker, I am quite friendly, so please, message me if there's anything you want to know. I look forwardto talking to y'all and reading moe of y'all's wonderful fics!